Intelligent Wine Preserver



Most wine lovers are familiar with the problem of oxidizing in the bottle, once opened. 

This Intelligent Wine Preserver increases the length of time an opened bottle of wine stays fresh by extracting the air from the bottle and maintaining a vacuum pressure. 

A sensor picks up any fall in pressure and automatically purges to the required level, keeping an opened bottle fresh. 

This great gadget has also got a supplementary feature where you can view the temperature of the wine on an LCD screen ensuring the wine is consumed at the correct temperature or press another button to see how long it has been activated - shows in days and hours. 

This is a great gift for any wine lover!


Automatic Vacuum Function

Intelligent Permanent Pressure

LED lights display to indicate working status

Anti-tilt protection design

Storage time record < 99 days

For Wine Bottle Diameter 17.5-19.5mm

Suction pressure: -0.035~-0.05mPa (750ml 1/2 bottle), extraction time is 80-120 seconds/time

Auto-fill pressure: the pressure is lower than -0.02mPa

Operating temperature: 5 C ~ 50 C; 20% ~ 90% RH

Use of voltage: 3V (AAA * 2 alkaline batteries); minimum voltage 2.2V

Use of current: 180 ~ 450mA

Product dimensions: 46 x 62 x 79mm

Cap on the bottle above 56mm

Weight: 100g

Package Contents

1 x Intelligent Wine Preserver

Intelligent Wine Preserver